Our patented technologies for Cannabis mitigate mold, while simultaneously preserving moisture and medicinal properties.

The specially designed BudLife cartridge, when activated and sealed, creates and manages the ultimate atmosphere. This technology preserves the freshness and medicinal potency of medical marijuana, while simultaneously mitigating mold, for up to six months.

Active Atmosphere: Active atmospheres are created through the
integration and management of gases and
natural agents. Our specially designed
cartridge, once activated, placed on the
jar, and sealed, maintains the bud's
moisture levels, preserving the
freshness and medicinal potency
of medical marijuana.

Reduces Biological
When cannabis flower is
stored in a humid environment,
mold inevitably grows. Our patented
technologies mitigate mold, and allows users
to store their cannabis at optimum humidity levels
and preserve its freshness for substantially longer.

Active Container System : How it Works

  • • Step 1
    Buds are carefully placed in the Jar, designed to reduce injury during placement and removal.
  • • Step 2
    Container Sealing Lid / Cartridge is activated by removing the protective seal, the lid is placed and sealed on the jar.
  • • Step 3
    Close the jar tightly, and BudLife is now actively creating its ultra-atmospheric conditions to store flower buds for up to six months.

The Jar system, with its ultra violet protection, is also preventing the harmful effects from exposure to light, which is known to reduced potency and key attributes.

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